I createdCrystal Eyes Entertainmentout of my passion to support and inspire people. I feel Performance, Music and Nature arethe positive tools that can create change in people. Each of these illicit emotions and allow you to experience a catharsis through avenues such aslove, acceptance, or pain. These toolscan also shine a light on anger or hatred for self-awareness,and healing….allowing youto get in touch with your humanity & mortality, and even produce inspiration.
Through this website, Ipresent these tools more in-depthand it willallow me to sharemy passion for performance through both my acting and singing career.

I also seek to inspire you through my TVArtscapes®Series, which arebeautiful nature DVDs that bring peace, focus and serenity.

As part of my passion to support and inspire you, I can come alongside you as you create and rediscover your passions through my Leadership Coaching offering. Whether you are just beginning your path to finding your passion or, if you just need some inspiration to re-ignite your dreams, I am here to support and guide you along the way with each of these tools.

Veronica Crystal Young

Reinvention Power Coach – Singer – Actor – Producer