Long ago, and not so far away, my passion for communicating deeply with others began as an actor and singer. My
artistry was my refuge as a child and teen. As a young adult I discovered I love making things happen in whatever work environment I am in. And fifteen years ago I recognized that if I was going to get where I wanted to go I had to try to create my own opportunities.

In becoming the successful business woman I am today, I worked to feel connected and own my voice.  I worked to resolve limiting beliefs, increase my confidence, and engage in self-discovery while finding ways to express my true dreams.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to make a difference in the world and affect people. It is important for me to reach people emotionally, to have them undergo a catharsis through love, acceptance, pain, anger, hatred. To feel their humanity &mortality by experiencing my performance or songs.

When I got tired of pushing on resistant doors in Hollywood and going out day after day did not result in any fulfillment and fostered disappointment and doubt about what I was really here to do, I decided to stop waiting for someone else to validate my talents and creativity.

In 1998, I created Crystal Eyes Entertainment in order to produce uplifting & inspirational content, as well as support actors with acting opportunities and footage for their reels. I knew there was a lot of talent that was not being seen, heard and recognized and I wanted to do something about that! It is a joy to provide a service that allows actors to set aside the rejections and negativity of trying to get acting work, and do just work their craft.


While production work is fun and I love setting up shots behind the camera, I have recently returned to my true passion of affecting people and inspiring change, awareness and love through performance.

So, with my life’s journey well underway, I’ve re-harnessed my passion for performance and impact by amping up my acting career and singing regularly with the country band “Crystal Whiskey”. I continue to create the TVArtscapes beautiful inspirational nature DVDs. In addition, I have just completed my training in Leadership Coaching so that I can help others create and rediscover their passions.

Love, Light and Peace…..always

Veronica Crystal Young    SAG-AFTRA

www.veronicacrystalyoung.com Actress

www.crystalwhiskey.com   Country Music Duo

www.tvartscapes.com  TV ArtScapes Nature DVD Series.
8-disc DVD series and over 160 hours of Nature footage, brings connection, healing and peace to hospitals, spas, healthcare professionals and clients.