Rediscovering Your Dreams – and Making Them a Reality

There are any number of motivational speakers and books that tell you to follow your passion and rediscover your dreams. But they aren’t always clear on what that really means. Of course, everyone wants to follow their dream, but not everyone knows how. Let me share with you my journey as I learn the daily steps required as I follow my dream.

How to Rediscover Your Dreams

Make A Plan
Those motivation speakers and books can really get you fired up and ready to do something because that is what they are meant to do. However, before you head back to work, walk into your boss’s office with your resignation letter in hand, take a minute to come up with a plan. Without a plan following your dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. If you know what your dream is, you have to take the time and effort to plan for it and be ready for such a big life change.

Things to Include in Your “Dream” Plan:
* How much money do I need to live on while I get my dream going?
* How will I save that money and how long will it take?
* Will my dream require a move to another city or country?
* Will it require me to downsize my current lifestyle (at least at first)?
* How will this plan affect the rest of my immediate family (spouse, kids)?
* Is my immediate family supportive of this plan?
* Do I know someone that can help and mentor me as I follow my dream?
* What resources (money, equipment, people, etc.) will I need to execute my plan?
* What can I start doing now to work toward my dream (start creating a website, blogging, networking with others in that field to start making connections, etc.)

These are just a few of the items that you should consider and think through before making any major changes in your life. By having a plan and executing it, you will be ensuring yourself a much higher rate of success than those that jump into following their dream without a plan.

The Journey Toward my Dream Begins
I am starting a renewed journey towards my passion and dreams, but it has not come without a few bumps along the way. While I am excited and energized about this new journey I am taking, I don’t always like everything that comes with it. I didn’t know very much about websites when I first started my journey and, therefore, did not always know the right people to ask for help. Since a website is so crucial to any type of endeavor in this digital world, I had to just keep working at it and asking for help and recommendations all along the way.

My website is just one example of the types of things you may have to deal with on your journey to your dream. You may also need to raise funds or look for some type of business financing for your dream. All of those take time and effort to accomplish and may not be an area that you enjoy to say the least.

You should always keep your eyes on your dream even while you navigate through the necessary stops along the way that you may not enjoy or that may cause you some moments of discouragement. The journey is not always smooth and easy, but it is always worth it in the end.

Overcoming the Fear
My dream means that I have to present 100% of who I am to the world. That is scary. That fear will even sometimes make me question if I really want to do this. That is when I have to stop, take a step back and refocus on the end result which is following my dream. Once I refocus, I then have to face that fear by taking just one step at a time. You don’t have to jump into the deep end when fear rears its ugly head, although some may find that way easier, you can start in the shallow end and walk your way into the pool gradually. Before you know it, you will have conquered your fear.

Creating Your Own Life
I have been working a 10-hour day for someone else and that was not my idea of a life. Some people may enjoy the security of working for others, but not me. I want to be free to create the life I want to live. That might mean a 4-hour day one day and a 12-hour day the next, but it is my choice and dependent upon the lifestyle of my particular dream.

I need to create my own life and following my dream is the way I can do that. It is also the way you can create your own life too! This is the start of my journey to rediscover my dreams and if you have not accomplished all you wanted to in Life, I hope you will join me on this journey to rediscovery.

What the dream or business you want to pursue or rediscover? Have you made your plan yet?

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