What can I do
to be more Green?

Curbside recycling programs are in place in nearly every state. Aluminum, newspaper, plastic, and glass recycling are fairly commonplace now. It’s the rare community that doesn’t have curbside or drop-off centers for these items. Check your local listings or call your refuse company.

Paper is a hugh source of waste. If they don’t take paper at the curb where you live, look in the Yellow Pages under “Recycling.” Chances are, they have a site near where you live that you can also take white paper, colored paper, corrugated and chip cardboard and many other items.

Plastic: The easiest plastic containers to recycle are the ones that have a 1 or a 2 in the center of the recycling triangle logo (usually on the bottom of the container). The 3,4,5 and 6 containers are the more problematic. If you want to know about recycling these or any other items call Californians Against Waste (916) 443-5422 .

Composting: Yard waste is another big component in our daily refuse. Mix it with table scraps (no meat or bones), sawdust, wood ashes, etc., and you’ve got rich soil compost for your plants. There was a great show on this composting on Oprah not too long ago. Details about recycling in general are on her site at Just type in recycling!

Pre-cycling is another effective way to reduce your waste. That is, consider packaging when you purchase things and don’t buy items that can’t be recycled. Did you know that broken glass, lightbulbs, ceramics, Styrofoam, Pyrex, some yogurt containers, aerosol cans, soiled boxes and anything covered in wax paper are not recyclable?

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