Net worth is not self-worth

You are a unique creation—so valuable that no accountant could calculate it. Like an original work of art, there is no other like you. Irreplaceable. Valuable beyond all measure. You.

Unfortunately, most of us underestimate our own value and are unclear about why we’re here on the planet. We buy into popular culture’s definition of worth—that you are what you do and what you own. The world says your value will be measured exclusively in relationship to what others have. Believing in the world’s value system ties you to a treadmill of endless work to prove your worth. Now is the time to redefine yourself and how you measure wealth.

Knowing your value and believing your incredible worth is the baseline for a healthy relationship with money. Without a strong definition of self-worth, money is meaningless. There is nothing you can measure your self-worth against.

How you handle money is ultimately an expression of self-worth. If you know and believe you are worth something, you will live richly at any income level. If you think you are worthless or if you double your value or are confused about your purpose on the planet, you will spend money in damaging ways to fill the void.

The root cause of all bad financial decisions is fear. If you’re not living up to your potential, if you’re stuck in a job you hate, if life isn’t turning out the way you planned, it’s because of decisions you made based on fear.

If you believe you’re a beloved child of God, you can never be bought. You will come to a place where money has no power over you. A place where you are in control—unswayed by the siren song of possessions. A place where you step lightly and with purpose on the planet.

To know your worth is to know your destiny. You were put on this earth to do great things, large and small. Each day, you have the choice to allow yourself to be governed by fear or faith. It’s your decision. Choose faith and flourish.

Lisa Horuczi Markus
Lisa is a Financial Planner and the Author of the book – Living a Blessed Life

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