This 4th of July holds a special significance for me. We all know what courage and resolve our forefathers needed to forge a new world order.   This year I have seen courage in some close friends and family, and I, too, have had to muster up a healthy dose.

Courage. It’s not easy.

In this world where technology is increasingly replacing human connection, where jobs are sparse and tempers are high, and where psychological and physical abuse continues to create self-doubt, pain, and fear, Courage is necessary.

*Necessary to really face ourselves, our faults and shortcomings. To be daring and place ourselves out in the world; vulnerable to hurt, failure, or fear of the unknown, or fear of repeating the past.
*Necessary to express who we really are.
*Necessary to be there for others in hard times.
*Necessary to speak up for our truths and our opinions. To have a voice and to know we count. Remembering that every person matters and is entitled to their opinion or truth, and no one is more important than another.

Courage is the nerve to speak up and act on our dreams, or tell our truths even in the face of all our fears.  Fear of not being accepted, being rejected, failing…I’m sure you can fill in whatever fear it is that keeps you from being all you can be; speaking your truth or living your life fully.

It’s not easy.  My last post was about being open.  Being courageous is going one more step and having the guts to place yourself in situations that are hard and that have scary consequences, at least “perceived” scary consequences.   And we tend to be swayed by our expectation of those scary consequences.  But here’s the deal….

Remember that the past does not equal the future, and NOW is the only true time. If we can remember this in every circumstance, and have faith that the universal Mother/Father/God will present what is best and next for us on this road called Life, then we will always have Courage. Our job then becomes the ability to see the path presented and find the choices that are true to who we are and who we want to be.  Trust your intuition on that path. It is the breathe of the Universe.

So this 4th of July, remember courage. Have the courage to speak up and have your voice heard. The courage to face a difficult task or help a friend or family member with a hard choice or situation. The courage to be vulnerable in the world. The courage to be 100% who you really are and find peace, happiness, freedom……..and love.  Your heart will know, trust it.  I do.  It is the greatest gift to ourselves we can give.

Live life, People!  With Love…….. and with COURAGE.

Veronica Crystal Young     -40s Goddess       


One thought on “Courage

  1. Our ability to face our fears, stay strong in the midst of adversity; being the strength for others when they feel they are not strong themselves–all of this is courage.

    I know that relying on the simple fact that facing pain or grief, especially change of any kind good or bad, reveals to us our level of courage.

    And we can help lead others to be courageous by just being there, by offering an encouraging word; even following our intuition of what to do next–all of these things are so important.

    I like how you say it takes courage to discover “who you really are”. I believe that when you turn and face the truth of who you are, what needs to change in your life, what are your strengths and weaknesses–that is called “reflection”. And reflection takes courage. The courage to be honest with yourself and who you have become…

    Reflection is so desperately needed in this culture. We don’t do enough of it. But when we are confronted with who we really are and we really try to change the negative qualities and become proud of our strengths we then can become a powerful force of courage in our world.

    It takes strength and humility to reflect on our lives. Humility, I believe is a form of courage, because humility in reflecting on our lives reveals how much we are willing to change for the sake of others. And change takes courage.

    Yes, the past is gone–but how can we learn from it to make a change for us, our lives, for today and in the future…for us and for others (humility)– all of this is courage…

    Thanks so much for this post!

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