Tools For The Modern Relationship

by Sexy Mom Expert, Alana Pratt
I believe a sexy mom is a mom who is at peace in her skin… who is at peace with life, the challenges and the bliss. A Sexy Mom savors moments, greets the world with sensuality, grace and a little sass. She knows she’s a goddess and thus doesn’t have to prove a thing. Her heart remains open even when she’s scared, angry or sad…she makes love to the world.

Now, in the past week I’ve decided to sell my house, I don’t know where I’m going to live yet, and two nights ago my boyfriend of a year told me his 6 month sabbatical in Canada is now going to be 3 years and that he wants to complete our relationship. I was not feeling very sexy. Through my tears I felt all my feelings, anger, even betrayal, then deep hurt and loss, then by keeping my heart open, I felt a deep stir of YES… this is right, let go, release Good for Great, I’m allowed to have my dreams now, I hereby give myself permission to live fully, shine fully, love fully and release fully in this moment. Then we actually prayed for my next divine masculine partner to show up. He said he couldn’t rest until he knew I was supported, seen and loved by a great man, who could help me parent my son and who could remind me of my light daily. Wow. It’s crazy but I love him more now than ever. I am more radiant now than ever because I’m vulnerable, spirit is able to move through me, I’m not trying to make the long distance relationship stay together and I’m not struggling to make enough money to stay in this huge stunning wonderful home. I’m free, open, raw, radiant and alive. And darn it… I’m sexy.

Here is the format of communication that my wonderful former boyfriend and I used to keep our relationship fresh, honest, open, deep, profound and joyful. I know that we built a solid foundation of communication through this practice that allowed us to complete our relationship with such love and blessing. It will help you keep your heart open through any challenge you may face in your marriage and is even great to do with your kids.

The Dyad-Two Way Communication
Create a regular time to ask each other these questions. You may begin it sacredly with lighting a candle and bowing… or you may ask the questions out for dinner… just ask the questions. The only answer you may offer is “Thank you.” Go back and forth with each question for 2 minutes then move to the next question. You are never to speak again about what you heard. This is to bridge a line of safe, honoring communication between you two. I credit this teaching to Satyen Raja of

• Tell me something you like about me. (creates affinity)
• Tell me something you think we align on. (reminds you that you’re on the same team)
• Tell me something you think I should know. (allows a safe space to tell the truth, the hurt beneath the anger, the pain of not being respected, etc.)

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“I ask for guidance and clarity, and for
your love to surround my heart and all hearts.”

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