Disappointment. This is something everyone experiences. Well here is yet another opportunity to make choices in our lives that define who we are.

I have come to realize that disappointments stem from all my expectations about outcomes. The outcome of a meeting, outcome of marketing a product or even an expectation about a new friend or lover. About an event or family gathering. Our expectations can be very strong and we really should do a little self-evaluation whenever disappointment knocks on our door. This is what has served me in the past.

Examine what is disappointing and decide a few things.

  • Is this outcome something I can live with and still keep my integrity in tact?
  • Is there an extenuating circumstance that contributed to the negative outcome like a medical condition, an extremely complicated situation or possibly a “no choice” situation that involves life or death, which is extremely rare. Something you have no control over?
  • Is taking an action even necessary. A confrontation to clear the air?
  • Is the person or situation something you feel strongly about or could you take it or leave it?
  • How much stress is involved for you and your choice to move on any action? Is it worth it?

These are all questions only you can answer. Remember any actions or choices you make determine who you are and who you want to be in the world. Do you take the high road? As long as you are comfortable with your choices and actions, and you realize these define who you are, go for it. I think there are problems when all these factors are not weighed before you act, or don’t act for that matter. Not weighing all your options could turn into further negative situations and into that horrible state of being called “regret.” Then it might be even harder to recover “who we are” and forgive ourselves. Believe me, everyone goes thru that too.

So if some disappointment has happened in your life. If someone has hurt you, a situation has become disappointing, or you are disappointed in yourself, weigh all your action choices, and thoroughly vet them based on who you want to be. If you do this, chances are you will take the right road with integrity and grace, and you can be proud of who you are and confident of moving thru any consequences of that road. Always keeping in mind who we are, and who we want to be in this world, has a tendency to keep us on the right path. Especially when you realize you always have all the choices!

So, with that I say….Always remember and never forget…..You are Love. Beautiful, wise, powerful and complete; and youth is in your passions. Blessed Be…

Veronica Crystal Young

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