Your Personal Earth Body

Earth Day is officially April 22. What it we behaved as if every day is Earth Day? After all, we live on this magnificent host we call Earth every day!

Yes, you recycle, you buy recycled goods, eat organically grown and unprocessed foods when possible. You turn off lights, open windows and as gas prices soar think about whether you really need to run that errand. Me, too.

A few years ago I became aware that my personal earth, my body, had become a toxic waste dump. I chalked up the scale creep to turning 40, grieving the significant losses of my last year, etc. All really great excuses, right?

Then, at dinner with my cousin, I consciously watched myself eat half a basket of bread before the meal arrived. As if out of body, I heard myself say an immediate “yes” when the server asked if I wanted desert. After snarfing down the apple pie, I couldn’t believe I felt like I could have easily eaten another piece. Driving home, like a bolt of lightening it hit me – I was once again suffering from Candida Albicans – or the Yeast Syndrome.

I went through the mental checklist I knew all too well. I was exhausted, bloated, gaining weight, recently been on several rounds of antibiotics, and was craving sugar and bread. At once relieved because I had an answer for the physical ailments, and daunted by the process of cleansing my body (I went through this in 1991), I was overwhelmed by it all.

The big question I had to ask myself was, did I have it in me, right then, to begin the highly disciplined and Spartan way of eating, saying “no” to the comfort foods of grief like rich sauces, deserts and warm buttered bread. I had to have it in me because I knew I would only get worse. I had done it once before and I knew what I was in for.

I made the choice, and the commitment. My personal Earth was at stake. So I ate foods with no sugar, yeast, vinegar, gluten or preservatives for three weeks. I felt more energy and vitality than I had in years, so decided to continue to eat a modified version of the cleanse diet. I don’t attempt to fuel my body with toxic, nutritionally void processed foods and sugars or ignore the build-up of unhealthy habits that wreak havoc on my system. And oh my, the habits of the mind linger longer than the body’s cravings! When the mental cravings hit, I re-choose health, and care of my body, my personal earth.

There’s nothing worse than a reformed anything – so please know I am not attempting to sway you to do a Candida Cleanse! I share my story to encourage you to check in with yourself and be conscious of how you treat your Body. Do you treat your body’s health, as you would like the world to treat Gaia, Mother Earth?

First step to get conscious is to go through your cupboards and make note of the foods you will more than likely put in your body at some point. What is their nutritional content? What is the ingredient list like? How does the food make you feel after you eat it and the “high” or “salve” of it has worn off? When I did this exercise, I decided if I couldn’t pronounce a chemical name or didn’t know what it was, I wouldn’t eat it.

Second step – imagine a dump truck filling your belly with food that will not digest, like some of those items in your cupboard. My epiphany was the processed foods are just like so many items that wind up in our landfills. It will take Mother Earth a while to digest many of our “advances” like plastic and Styrofoam. Really, when you get right down to reading packaged food labels, some of the things that taste so sugary sweet and “good” are about the nutritional equivalent of Styrofoam! Personally, I’d like to be stronger and more exciting than Styrofoam!

If you think you may be one of the many women walking around with undiagnosed Candida-related disorders, here area few ways it shows up: exhaustion even with enough sleep, cravings of breads, sweets and alcohol (high sugar content), tummy bloat, a recurring “fogged” or spaced-out feeling, inability to focus, irritability and emotional roller coasters, and sometimes it looks like Irritable bowl syndrome, or over-the-top PMS. Check out the books listed below.

What this all boils down to for me is the connection of the Micro – individual body responsibility and health – and the Macro – responsibility for the health of our shared Mother Earth host. How we treat our body may mirror how we treat our earth. Or, you may find like I did, you treat Mother Earth with more respect than you treat your personal body.

I continue my attempt to create a respectful balance with the shift in what I choose to put in my body. And yes, that still includes my favorite sour cream & onion potato chips on occasion!

How will you honor your personal earth body Gaia and Mother Earth?

Love and light,

Cat Williford, MCC, CPCC

Cat Williford, master coach, is a pioneer in the field of Coaching and Coach Training, and received one of the first six certifications bestowed by the prestigious Coaches Training Institute. She has appeared as a guest expert on The Maury Povich Show, been featured in the Los Angeles Times Valley section, and coached live on L.A.’s ABC Talk Radio. Sought internationally as the ‘goddess wisdom coach’ Cat works with women executives in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and the U.S. In 1994, Cat created The Modern Goddess workshop series and retreats in response to her own growing need to connect spiritually with other women and celebrate feminine energy in a testosterone driven world. She defines the Modern Goddess as someone who balances creative resources and wisdom with the ability to make things happen in the material world. Cat believes the key to healing all humanity’s woes lies in
balancing the feminine and masculine energies in everyone.

“The Yeast Connection” by William G. Crook, M.D.
“The Yeast Syndrome” by John P. Trowbridge

“I honor my body and treat it with love.
I listen to what it tells me.”

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