Christmas – It’s all about ME

Well. It’s here again. That time of year that we all light roaring fires in the fireplace, trim the tree, light the candles, and spend time with loved ones. It’s a time for sharing and big family meals, for candy boxes and gifts. Even though it’s one of my favorite times of year, this year doesn’t feel like Christmas at all.

Maybe it’s the economy? Maybe it’s the fact that my mother moved to another state this past month? Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t have a special someone to share it with? Not that I didn’t try! This time of year is especially hard for people who are by themselves. There is nowhere you can hide without being bombarded with family and friend commercials and TV programming that is geared to tug at your heart strings…… and let’s not even get started on how the stores start pushing Christmas even before Thanksgiving! So this year, I’m choosing to look at it from a different perspective. Christmas this year, can be all about ME!

Yes, that’s right. ME. What I want, who I want to see, where I want to go or not go…ME. Yes, I called my mom and brothers in the morning to hear all about the baby doll Lydia got or the train set Josiah is playing with, but after that…it was all about me. And, yes, it was hard.

Usually when I’m home, I have a tendency to work. Having your own business does that to you. I certainly have several projects to produce and edit like the South Orange County Outreach PSA, the Ovation Awards 2008 winner interviews, the Scuba Show vendor promos and TV ArtScapes® ForestScapes DVD. (OK, maybe I should rethink this Me day?!) No, Christmas day, I took a break. Really! I lighted that fireplace (I love that), sipped some champagne to toast the past year and all my accomplishments, burned some sage to cleanse any bad energy that was lingering around the house, and then…I went to The Peninsula for Brunch with my good friends Bob and Pat. Wow, was that Great! Great company and great food. THEN….the next morning at 5:30AM it was up and out to go skiing! That’s right, I took to the slopes and I brought my high definition camera to shoot some snow scenes! It’s all about ME, remember!!!!

Ok, so shooting is technically my work, but you have to realize that I am happiest when I’m experiencing and shooting nature and the great outdoors. The oneness you feel when you are out there, the magnificence of the beauty and the awe of it all. It’s pretty cool. And I get to capture it all so not only I can enjoy it forever, but others can too! What a great thing! And maybe, just maybe when I get there….. amongst all that snow, the great little cottage with the fireplace and view, it will finally feel like Christmas! One can only hope……

So, my friends, this Holiday Season,
I wish you Love, Light and Blessings!
May you have all that you need, May you be with those you love,
and most important….may you be at PEACE.

40s Goddess    -Veronica Crystal Young


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