Connected. That is such a great word. We can feel such connection….. to things, to a favorite song, to a place, to a type of food, to nature…..and most fulfilling of all to people.

As I visited Hawaii last week, with its’ great sunsets, magnificent coastlines and majestic waterfalls, I couldn’t help but feel connection. Yes, I was alone… but there was proof of a bigger feeling than alone, a grander reality, a truth about feeling a part of something. As I took that Road to Hana at 4:30AM in the morning and experienced that lovely drive for 4 hours to the distant, not so commercial side of the island, I was overwhelmed at times at the peace, inspiration and security I felt…with no one around for miles or hours for that matter. The beauty of the scenery, the rhythm of the ocean and the power of the waterfalls is just stunning. You can’t help but reflect on that supreme, loving energy that created all things. And you can’t help but feel a big part of our enormous community called Earth, and all the plants and animals that live here.

When I’m feeling depressed or lonely, I have a tendency to head straight for the beach or the mountains to help pull me back to that bigger connection and that sense of “we are not alone.” That is if I can. During the week it can be difficult with juggling work, family, responsibility… really. But I’ve found that taking short trips or weekend jaunts is the best medicine. And if I can’t get away, I pop in a TV ArtScapes DVD with that awesome footage and I feel like I’m back in nature again, experiencing all it’s wonder and inspiration.

We all want connection. We all crave to belong. Nature has a way of inspiring that connection, that feeling of belonging and wonder, that love that is the universal truth in our creation and existence. At least it does for me.

So Experience Nature, feel the connection to Love, Beauty and your God. Feel the sense of belonging. It’s for you everyday…… it’s for all of us. And for goodness sakes, Let’s make sure we protect it.

I wish Love, Light and Connection for you all! Peace…

40sGoddess Veronica Crystal Young

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