Moms – So much to teach us….. and we have much to teach them. As I fly up to be with mom for a few days, I have time to reflect on how we have communicated, loved, fought, learned and grew. She has contributed to my personality, my fears, my dreams, and my values. I would like to think I have influenced hers.

Growing up in her full-time love, devotion and caretaking was a luxury I feel most children and families these days do not enjoy. Most families have working parents and I feel very fortunate to have had a full-time parent able to stay at home. Not that there weren’t things she could have done differently…. meaning better, in my humble “non-parenting” opinion. Hey, I can have an opinion on my own life! But believe me, I don’t know how she did it!

Four small children by the time she was 25 and in a strange new county where she was leaning the language and the customs. It’s all I can do to manage my own life let alone think about all that was involved with raising that many small children, not to mention learning a new country and language (which she did since she was in America I might add!). Yes, I have a problem with people living here for years and never learning the language, Sorry. But I digress…..

Shaping four little people’s minds and hearts is a tall order! I learned quite a few things from my mother; Responsibility to family and friends, Appreciation for the beauty in nature, Unconditional love, Patience and Forgiveness. All invaluable lessons for a successful life.

I would like to think that I have helped her realize a few things. Live in the moment and don’t worry so much…about everything! Things will happen in their time and some things we do not have any control over. Acceptance for what life brings. We need to Trust in ourselves and what we want. And lastly, It’s OK to toot your own horn every once in awhile….cause we are all fabulous!!!!!

Eventually it will be time for our roles to reverse. The caretaking, responsibility and unconditional love she showed me returned with my adoration, respect and express thanks for a job well done. Thanks Mom! I love you, and be at peace knowing you have a Fabulous Daughter!!!!!

Tell your Mom you love her today. And if she is no longer here, remember what she gave you. LIFE, for one thing!

VCYoung 40sGoddess

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