Well I have recently come into my fair share of stress!   Having been assigned a major task at my “day Job” which is turning into a night and weekend job lately as well, I have needed to re-evaluate my priorities and my own time as it relates to my production company (Crystal Eyes Entertainment LLC).  I have reached this cross road several times before because it seems just when things get rolling on the production and entertainment side of my businesses, the “day job” comes a calling.  It’s ok, I guess. I do like what I do, but the frustration sets in because I want to work on finishing a project, or calling those potential buyers and distributors, but can’t seem to find the time since I’ve been working 50 hours a week at the Hospital. 


This weekend I travel to the NAB conference to see the newest technology and new media.  This is always an exciting time to see what trends are hitting the new media market and what new cameras or formats they have cooked up for us.  I decided to go a day early to clear my head, make my priority lists for my businesses since time is so limited now. (Remember, I’m a list person!)  Let’s face it, after a 10-12 hour day at the hospital, it is really hard to go to my production office and work so I really need to focus on alleviating the stress.


While I was there, I had the good fortune to stay with a friend of mine who has a gorgeous backyard. In the morning, I was sitting in front of a beautiful waterfall and listening to the birds sing their airy sonnet. Nature in the morning never seems to have a care in the world. I focused on the water falling down the slated rock, finding its way effortlessly around the rocks, always reaching its goal of joining the pool below.  I became mesmerized, as it seemed to speak a few words of wisdom to me.


Keep focused on the task at hand.  As the water finds its way down the mountain of rock, it always knows its final destination, and will go over, under or around any obstacle in its way.


Allow yourself a rest, pace yourself.  Water can be very methodical.  It has a goal, to get down the mountain, and it always arrives in its own time. 


Don’t get caught up with pressure from the crowd. There were times that I saw water droplets pool to a far corner, hang out there for awhile, only to be swept away again when more water fell in the area, pushing the entire pool to the next level.  Maybe it wasn’t ready?  But the pressure of the group forced those droplets to continue.  Sometimes it’s a good thing to be forced to make progress, but sometimes it can be a lot of unnecessary drama…. too much, too fast.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help.   One drop alone could never make it through that maze of rock and sand, but when many drops become a river of power, with one purpose, there is no stopping it from reaching its goal.


You are not alone.  Again, one drop wouldn’t reach the goal. Remember that if you are stressed out, others are probably too so don’t take anything personally. Try to disconnect from what I call “personality” bumps.  And always look at what it is about that person that creates these personality collisions.  It is usually a trait we personally have and have to work on ourselves….and it’s sometimes hard to admit it, let alone see it.


Through nature’s example, I decided to try harder to take care of myself, help stave off the recent stress that has so permeated my life the last 6 weeks, and keep a positive attitude.


So my friends, I return to another hectic week renewed and recharged…. Renewed with a higher purpose and recharged attitude, determined to keep stress at bay. Yes, it will be another difficult week, but I will keep my thoughts of the power and purpose of water at hand, work within the flow, and keep focused.  And instead of ending my stressful day with the harsh news of the world, I’ll pop in my TV ArtScapes® HawaiiScapes or WaterScapes DVD to revisit nature’s water right in my living room, reminding me to take a breath…..relax, recharge and renew.  I love that!!!


Love and light my friends,

40s Goddess

Veronica Crystal Young


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