What Is Holding You Back from Your Passion?

How to Find the Inspiration to Overcome the Fear That Is Keeping You from Your Passion

We have all had moments in our lives where we stand at a crossroads between staying your current course or following your passion and embarking on something brand new. Some of these decisions can be easier to make than others. For instance, deciding to sell your house and move to a new one is a major decision in your life; however, it can be slightly easier to make than something like quitting a successful career to follow a dream. The latter may cause you to become frozen by indecision and it can be difficult to move forward. But let’s look at what it is that is really holding you back and find out how to find inspiration to move past it and on to your passion!

Change is Uncomfortable

Many of us usually prefer to stick with what we know and what our routine is. I know I do. We have confidence in what we know, but change takes us into the unknown and into potentially stressful situations. However, being uncomfortable isn’t always a bad thing, in fact, it can create a positive shift in your thoughts and your surroundings. Playing it safe and sticking to what you know can sometimes mean keeping your passions trapped in a small corner of your life. That is when you have to search within yourself and ask why you don’t want to let your passion out and into your whole life?

For me, working my “comfortable” 9-5 job allowed me to be independent and to have a lifestyle that felt fulfilling. But, was it really fulfilling when I only allowed my passions to only creep into a small piece of my life by always “playing it safe”? That is when I started asking myself what was the main thing holding me back? And the answer is usually fear. However, you have to know what it is you are afraid of before you can overcome it. If you are feeling stuck in your comfort zone like I was, then let me help you find out what it is that is holding you back from following your passion and then, find the inspiration to move past it.

Where Is the Fear Coming from? 

First, take the time to listen to your inner voice about where the fear is coming from. Break it all the way down to the biggest worry you have when you think about making the change and following your passion.

When I took the time to really explore fear, it came down to these things:

  • Did I know enough? Did I have enough proper knowledge?
  • Did I have enough financially to get through the transition period?
  • Did I have enough self-confidence in my skills to really be successful?
  • And, of course, what if I fail?
  • There is also always the thought of what everyone else will think if I do fail. (Come on, you know you have thought it too!)

Finding out what it is you are afraid of is 90% of overcoming fear. Then, you start acting on each fear to eliminate it. We will use my set of fears as an example.

Do You Have the Proper Knowledge?

If you aren’t sure, take a class in the subject or talk to others that are currently doing what you want to do. Research the topic, costs, and any additional information you may need to know before making the change. This process will also give you the confidence in your skills and knowledge. In this electronic age can you can master anything at the click of a button.  So let’s check this one off!

Do You Have the Finances to Get You Through the Transition Period?

Sit down and create a timeline and estimated budget for the change you want to make whether it is a new career, a new house, etc. Then take a realistic look at what your financial needs will be to make it happen. If it is a new career, especially if you are starting your own business, look at how long it will be before that business will become profitable. You can then see how much savings you will need to sustain you until that time.

What If You Fail?

The bigger question you should ask yourself is how would I feel if you didn’t try? How much regret would you have looking back if you didn’t at least try? The fear of failure is usually the one that stops many people from moving forward to a new beginning. If this is true for you, then creating some sort of a contingency plan can help you overcome that fear. This means looking at the worst case scenario and then what you would do if that were to happen. This may mean setting a date that your dream needs to be profitable or successful in some way and, if it isn’t, then that is the point that you need to look for a different job, living situation, etc.

The specifics of what you consider the worst case scenario and how you choose to react to that scenario will differ based on your dream. However, the point is to create a contingency plan that takes the fear out of failure so you can move confidently toward your goal.

After listing my fears to be more aware of what really was holding me back, and then finding ways to overcome each one, I was able to become inspired to take the plunge and move forward toward my passion. It IS scary and risky.  But it is also exciting, and, as I move forward to express more of my passions and reach new goals, I always know deep down that It is my choice whether or not I allow fear stop me.  It is your responsibility to take action if you want to follow your passion and dream.

What is stopping you from pursing your dreams and passions?   

Live, Love…. and know you have the gift of choice for Life Change…. if you want it, go after it!

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