How to Make a Positive Life Change Part 2: Find and Listen to Your Inspiration for Change

This is part 2 in my series on making a positive life change. The first post focused on finding your inner voice and your path. This post will look at ways you can find your inspiration for making your positive life change! be sure to check out the final post of the series next week.

How to Find Your Inspiration for a Life Change

Your Inner Voice. That voice you hear in your head telling you what direction to take; what to fear, what to say, what to do. We all have it, but as we get older, we sometimes don’t always listen to it. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but many times listening to the direction and counsel of that inner voice, our true selves, is just what we need to move forward. To complicate matters, over time, it may become harder to hear. Complacency can muffle that inner voice and make it hard for you to find inspiration and motivation to make any type of change, including positive change.

If you are in a place in your life now that feels stagnant and you want to change but can’t seem to find the motivation and inspiration, just look around you to help activate inner voice. You can find inspiration for change everywhere, if you know how to recognize it.

How to find Your Inspiration

Are you the type of person that is proactive in keeping your energy and creativity moving in the right direction or, are you the type of person that needs a total breakdown to finally move forward? While a breakdown may be what is needed to get you moving initially, you should try to keep yourself surrounded by what inspires you to keep that energy and enthusiasm for your passion.

Start where you are by looking around your house, office or wherever you spend a lot of time. What are your sources of inspiration?

  • Is there something there that makes you smile or just relax when you see it?
  • Is an object or image that triggers a memory of something from your past?
  • Is there a person that encourages you and makes you feel motivated?
  • Is it nature; being outside, watching a sunset, working in your yard?
  • How about a hobby? Singing, dancing?

People find inspiration in different ways. For me, my inspiration comes from nature, being still, and listening……what is that wise inner voice saying? What is it longing to experience, what is next?

I visited Hawaii recently, and visiting its’ magnificent coastlines and majestic waterfalls, and seeing those awesome sunsets, I couldn’t help but feel inspired. One morning I experienced a lovely, but long 4-hour drive to Hana, the remote and non-touristy side of the island. As I drove, I was overwhelmed at times at the peace, inspiration, oneness and security I felt. The beauty of the scenery, the rhythm of the ocean and the power of the waterfalls reminded me of that supreme, loving energy that created all things. And I couldn’t help but feel a part of this enormous community called Earth, and all the plants and animals that live here. Not to mention that inner voice screaming about what would be next, what I had to work on to get there, who I had to be…all those things that get us excited about a new direction or passion.

Yes, I was alone… but there was proof of a bigger feeling than alone, a grander reality, a truth about feeling a part of something.  My wish is that everyone experiences that.

What inspires you to move forward?

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