How to make a Positive Life Change Part 3: How to Connect to Your Inspiration for Change

This post is the final one in my series on how to make a positive life change. In the first 2 posts of the series I discussed finding your inner voice and finding your inspiration both are critical to making any positive life change. In this post I wrap up the series by discussing ways you can connect to your inspiration now that you have found it. That connection will get you moving to that positive life change that you are looking for!

Getting Connected to Your Inspiration

Connected. That is such a great word. We can feel connected to:

  • things
  • a favorite song
  • a place
  • a type of food
  • nature
  • people
  • stones or jewelry

We all crave connection. We all want to belong. Nature and experiencing stillness has a way of inspiring that connection, that feeling of belonging and wonder, that love that is the universal truth in our creation and existence.  At least it does for me.

When I’m feeling depressed, unmotivated or disconnected, I do one of two things.

  1. I head straight for the beach or the mountains to help pull me back to the “Universe” connection and that sense of “we are not alone” and have some major reflection time to rejuvenate and connect to my true self.
  2. I sit down in a quiet place, close my eyes and dream of going to the beach, mountains etc…or just listen to my body.

During the week it can be difficult with juggling work, family, responsibility…. life really. But I’ve found that taking short trips, weekend jaunts or even just a trip to a local park can be the best way for me to regain my sense of connection and inspiration. And taking that much needed break to just STOP really is centering and an energy builder. At work, I’ve started the practice of taking a walk around the office, outside and taking a mini-break.  I find it gives me energy to complete the day, be more productive and makes me a bit happier to be honest.  Not so serious all the time! And if I absolutely can’t get away, I pop in a TV ArtScapes DVD with such awesome footage, and I feel like I’m back in nature again, experiencing all its wonder and inspiration.

On one trip I found myself in Colorado sitting by a fast moving river. I noticed that the water seemed to be on a mission! Life had gotten the better of me in the months prior to this trip and I was not at all connected to my spirit or God.  But sitting quietly by this rushing stream, and I couldn’t help but be inspired….. to move thru whatever life issues had set me in a downward spiral. At that point I barely had the strength to meet the day sometimes. However, on that day, the Aspens seem to “twinkle” with the sun’s warmth dancing on their vibrant green leaves in striking contrast with the white bark. The knotted tree trunk seemed to have eyes that said “everything is going to be ok.” Hiking, biking, rafting and experiencing nature’s beauty is what helped me to calm the stress, focus my thoughts, and relax.  The oneness I felt in the stillness of my mind was filled with energy, connection and joy.

Inspiration as Motivation for Change

So, when you are in that place of connection, ask yourself, what will it take for you to move closer to your dream?

I believe the impetus comes from your passion, and an emotional reaction. It comes from finding your inspiration and connecting to your passion, and doing this regularly. Our psyche and bodies change when we are passionate about something. When we listen to that inner voice that calls us to keep moving forward is where we find connection and well-being.

So experience nature and stillness, feel the connection to love, beauty, your God and your inner voice. Feel the sense of belonging. We all have too much stress in our lives and we need to learn to find a place within ourselves that is calm. Relax, renew, and reconnect with YOU. And reconnect with the passion and motivation that will enable you to soar!

I wish Love, Light and Connection for you all!  Peace…

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