Nature is such a grounding energy! I have always headed for some beautiful place in nature when I feel the need to relax, refocus, recharge or reconnect with my inner strength, intuition and power. When I experience the majesty of a waterfall, the power of the crashing surf, or any other incredibly inspiring place in Mother Nature’s realm, my mood and outlook on life is greatly improved. I feel truly inspired and ready for the world. It also helps me tap into my inner voice, my passions and helps me really connect and affirm who I really am in this life, and what I want to “BE.”

Natures Elements

Each of natures elements is associated with certain aspects of our personalities. These qualities or feelings can be either positive or negative, and I find I use nature and these qualities for spiritual and emotional consciousness. As I’ve said before, nature is a great grounding and healing tool.I’ve listed a few positive and negative qualities associated with the four major elements. Using the negative qualities helps me to identify what I need to “be around” to turn the tide of how I feel, or enhance my passion or reconnection.Visit the TV ArtScapes® page to see how you can bring nature to your home or work environment. I know for me it has been a constant source for grounding and connecting to what is REAL. Very valuable when life gets crazy……