Reinvention Power Coach

Veronica Crystal Young

My philosophy has always been that it is within your power to make the CHOICE to discover your true self, to change the thoughts in your life that hold you back; those thoughts that cause self-doubt or sadness. And to make way for connection to your power, creativity, inner strength and “dream” success.

My mission is for you to:

  •  Feel connected to your POWER
  •  Find your voice and take immediate action to pursue your true life’s passion.
  •  Identify & resolve blocks and negative, restrictive beliefs that stop you from the pursuit of your true life’s passion.

You want to

  •  Know exactly what your life purpose is, the steps necessary to realize your dream fully and own it.
  •  Reclaim your self-confidence and zealfor living
  •  Show up big in the world to express your true passion

Your ready to

  •  Clarify your vision and get excited about the impact you want to make in the world
  •  Know from the center of your core that you have the power of choice to change your destiny
  •  Want more out of life and that NOW, FINALLY, is the time (Otherwise when?)


Live differently, on your terms, not feeling trapped or immobilized
Change your “Being” while working on what you are NOW “doing.”
Be excited about what you will be known, respected and loved for

I’m Veronica Crystal Young, a Reinvention Power Lifestyle Coach. In addition to being a Business Systems Efficiency Expert and Healthcare Executive, I simultaneously enjoy success as a professional singer, actor, and producer.

I teach creative and professional women who are feeling trapped in their current situation; who feel like time is running out to make a difference, share their passion and make an impact in the world. I help them make conscious choices, reclaim their self-confidence, and gain clarity on reinventing themselves, pursuing happiness, their passion and dreams.

I created my signature program “Reinvention Intention Strategy,”and I also have a facebook group, Women of Power and Purpose – Creating the Dream for women who are ready to reinvent themselves, step into their dream life with power, and share their vision and passion with others that are on the same powerful, purposeful path.
With my success in both the creative and professional worlds, I am passionate about making sure every woman knows her power and strength. That every women knows in her bones that she has the choice to create her life as she envisions it, and that past failures or traumatic experiences do not dictate her future. “Push past the pain” became my mantra, and it had nothing to do with exercise. Rewiring my brain to understand the “why’s” and “what’s next” was a journey of knowledge power that I had to share, because I wanted to help others “get to the other side of stuck or lost” to complete happiness, strength, success and fulfillment. I knew that the pain and stuckness was temporary.

It is my mission to help women realize & reclaim their power and rediscover their passion. To know they indeed have the power of choice to live their lives AS THEY SEE IT.

Professional Bio

Veronica Crystal Young is Reinvention Power Leadership Coach, trained at the prestigious, ICF Accredited,The Forton Group. She has been a business systems efficiency expert and Healthcare Executive for over 25 years. Veronica also is a professional actor as a member of SAG/AFTRA, and she enjoys success as a singer with the country music duo “Crystal Whiskey” performing in the Southern California area. She is the CEO of Crystal Eyes Entertainment LLC, and the creator and producer of the popular nature/relaxation DVD series “TV ArtScapes ®… your personal window to the world.”

By applying her Executive and Creative real-life experiences to her credentialed leadership coaches training, Veronica helps transform the lives of women who want to bring their talents and gifts to the world, make an impact, follow their purpose, and create free and abundant lives. She is the creator of the premier one-on-one lifestyle coaching program “Reinvention Intention Strategy™” soon to be released in early 2018,and is the host for the Facebook Group Women of Power and Purpose.

Veronica specializes in teaching successful, professional women to gain clarity and share their passions, make conscious choices, reclaim their self-confidence, and powerfully reinvent themselves to pursue happiness, and create their lives of passion and dreams.

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