In creating TV ArtScapes®, I wanted to bring that feeling of being Inspired and Connected to every person, every day, especially if the busy world keeps you from enjoying the majesty of mother nature and her gifts. I have the DVDs on constantly in my office, and they help me focus and reenergize during stressful days.

So thanks for stopping by.   I hope you take the time to enjoy the beauty and inspiration that is around you every day!

What are TV ArtScapes® DVDS used for?

  • Help with focus, inspiration
  • Help students increases their concentration.
  • Help with relaxation and reducing stress levels.
  • Dentists office find it calms their patients.  They use it in the exam rooms.
  • Spas use it for their lobby’s and for resale in their stores.
  • Doctor’s offices & hospitals use it on their relaxation channels or lobbies to create a feeling of well being and calm.
  • Beautiful ambient moods for your dinner party or romantic date.
  • White background noise to fill an office space, only with beautiful scenery.

TV ArtScapes® Nature DVDs are used by

  • caregivers
  • executives in stressful positions
  • patients that may not be mobile
  • alzheimer patients and homes
  • people as a sleep aid
  • students having trouble with focus
  • anyone who wants to bring nature into their home or office
  • hospitals, spas, doctors and dental offices
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